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10 Day 100-Hour Multi Style  Yoga Teacher Training

Nath Ashram Offer Multi Style  foundation course for wannabe yoga teachers . If you just have a limited amount of time, this is an excellent opportunity to get started. When you complete this course, you will have practiced and learned half of what is taught in the 200-hour yoga teacher training, and later you will be eligible to enroll in the remaining half. This is the first step towards getting certified and spreading this beautiful lifestyle to people all over the world. When one is learning, it is also the beginning of the process of sharing. It is possible to intensively deepen your yoga practice, whether it be through asanas, pranayama, or meditation. All of these concepts, as well as yoga philosophy and Tantra Yoga, will be explored in detail. Make the first step on your path to becoming a yoga teacher by honing your teaching abilities. You will acquire a variety of tools, such as modifications and perfect alignment, that will help you become a superb, well-informed teacher. The course is open to participants of all skill levels.


Benefits of 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

A 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Instructional class (YTTC) is an incredible method for doing that. This amateur yoga course is intended for the individuals who need to take their training to a higher level and become ensured yoga instructors. It gives the ideal harmony between hypothesis and commonsense experience, with an emphasis on the physical, mental, and profound parts of yoga.

The 100 hour YTTC in Rishikesh offers a vivid involvement in experienced educators who will direct you through each step of your excursion. With this course, you'll acquire significant information about life systems, arrangement, theory, contemplation, from there, the sky is the limit - all while getting involved insight in showing yoga classes. Putting resources into this course will give you the instruments vital for an effective profession as a confirmed yoga instructor!

It is a one of a kind 100 hours yoga ttc that offers a space for you to encounter the smartest possible scenario.
The physical and mental advantages of yoga are joined with the profound energy of Rishikesh.
The profound parts of this Yoga TTC can be capable through reflection meetings.

100 Hour

Yoga Teacher Training Course

  • 05th Jan - 14th Jan 2024

  • 03rd Feb - 12th Feb 2024

  • 03rd Mar - 12th Mar 2024

  • 03rd Apr - 12th Apr 2024

  • 03rd May - 12th May 2024

  • 03rd Jun - 12th Jun 2024

  • 03rd Jul - 12th Jul 2024

  • 03rd Aug - 12th Aug 2024

  • 03rd Sep - 12th Sep 2024

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 Why Choose Nath Yoga Ashram 
for a 100 hours Yoga Course?

With its rich history of educating and preparing individuals in yoga while directing them to succeed in this old insight, Nath Yoga Ashram has procured standing of being one of the most outstanding yoga school in Rishikesh. Dealt with lofty preparation organizations under most noteworthy affirmed bodies, Nath Yoga Ashram is among those not very many establishments, which offers you unadulterated hatha, ashtanga and vinyasa yoga  and Kundalini Yoga straightforwardly rose above from Patanjali Yoga Sutra. Our thoughtful vibe with a total sattvic air offers you an alternate vibe when you join this private program at our yoga school. With centered peer-bunch and strikingly breathtaking showing philosophies, you are guaranteed of getting the best lessons from prominent bosses and yoga mentors from our yoga school.

Alongside the organized educational plan, we additionally offer you assorted attitude toward yoga, its practices and its strategies alongside its belongings when you stay with us for your 100 Hours Yoga Course in Rishikesh, India.

Course Location

 Upper Tapovan, Rishikesh, Tehri Garhwal, INDIA - 249192

+91 9170088679

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