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Foggy Mountains

Our Team.

All of our teachers of Nath Yoga Ashram are qualified to the highest standards in their chosen fields. Even more importantly is the passion they carry for the subjects they teach. We believe that the best teachers are eternal students and our team are always refining their skills, improving their knowledge through study channels and undertaking professional development through our company and with their peers in their own communities. Our program is unique as we have teachers specifically dedicated to each subject which ensures localized teachings that come from an expert background. Trainees benefit greatly from lectures and classes taught by teachers dedicated entirely to their chosen subject.


Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training, Pranayama Therapy, Specialisation of Alignment & Adjustments of Asana, Breath Detox, Chakra Marathon, Yoga Darshan, Pranayama Sadhna, Ashtanga Sadhana and Kundalini Yoga.
Our school emphasise on all round development of the students’ life. So we based our teaching process on three pillars, named as “triangular pyramid teaching”
These pillars are:  Learn, Experience and Share.
Every student of the Yoga Nath Yoga Ashram has to step seriously into all these pillars to become a dedicated Practitioner and experienced Teacher.

Whether you are an intermediate yoga practitioner or an experienced yoga instructor looking to master the art of teaching advanced yoga postures or a beginner Yoga enthusiast, We cater all your requirements.

Yoga Teacher Training

Hatha Yoga 

24 Days  / 28 Days
Yoga Teacher Training

Our primary focus will always be the root of yoga asanas, which is traditional hatha yoga. Joining Hatha Yoga World is a chance to expand your knowledge, deepen your practice, recharge, and feel spiritually connected. From the moment you arrive, we will provide accommodation, a chef is ready with vegetarian and vegan meals three times daily, and teachers welcome you with open arms to practice and care for yourself. This means you can leave worries about daily tasks and possibly stressful life. When you pause and look inwards, you will benefit greatly and be able to reshape your life. You can stay at Nath Ashram  Daily life at the school includes asana classes, kriyas, pranayama, meditations, an opening ceremony with a fire ritual, and much more.

Multistyle Yoga

24 Days  / 28 Days

 Teacher Training

Multi Style 200 hour  Hatha  Ashtanga & Kundalini  Yoga Teacher Training School for Beginners & Advance Students at Nath Yoga Ashram
Our mission is to spread peace, wellness, and positivity through the medium of yoga. Everyone is welcome to our ashram, it is a place to learn every aspect of yoga, including how it helps in purifying the mind and soul.
We put a lot of thought into making our institution’s Yoga Teacher Training environment creative and well-balanced. Our focus and aim mainly lie in training our students with all that is required to become expert yoga trainers.
We, considering our promise to deliver all that is needed for becoming a perfect yoga trainer, offer everyone Yoga Teacher Training  Our institution is an endeavor to carry forward the essence of the message of great Himalayan Masters. The message emphasizes self-acknowledgement, which is, to be aware of the truth inside and create an extension between the internal and external universes. The journey of discovery of self will lead us to liberate ourselves from all the worry and strengthen ourselves and self-transformation.

Kundalini Yoga

24 Days  / 28 Days 

 Teacher Training

Welcome to Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Nath Ashram India!  Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Course is undoubtedly one of the best Yoga Schools of India, for learning Kundalini Yoga. The teachers, their teaching methodologies, curriculum of Kundalini Yoga, center’s ambience, and staffs at this School, all together, would help you achieve your goal of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in India. If you are a Kundalini Yoga lover and you want to learn, practice and master this Yoga, then this School will be the right place for you. The main aim of International Yoga School is to deepen and expand your knowledge by our non-comparable syllabus, trainer’s huge knowledge and experiences, and the yogic atmosphere at the training center. This Yoga practice improves the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life.

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Welcome to Nath Yoga Ashram

Our Yoga school is located in the homeland of yoga, Rishikesh. Rishikesh is a small town situated in the gateway of the Himalayas in the state of Uttarakhand. The land of Rishikesh is famous for its scenic and spiritual beauty.

Clean & Comfortable


Nath Yoga Ashram accommodation facility is the perfect place to live and experience yogic life. Located in the lush green Himalayas near Ganga River, we provide one of the most peaceful and serene venues in Rishikesh, unlike the concrete jungles of touristy areas in Rishikesh. We are located far from the heavy touristy traffic area, allowing our students to focus entirely on their yogic practices during the yoga teacher training and yoga retreats. The healing and peaceful natural environment of trees and birds offers the chance to connect deeper with the nature. The rooms are equipped with all the modern facilities such as Wifi, 24X7 hot water, attached Western toilets, etc. Beautiful Himalayan and Sunset View from the Resting/Self-studying Area promotes calmness and rejuvenation after long-intensive sessions during the day.

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Our Program 

Our  Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh is the perfect introduction to the yoga world, suitable for anyone and anybody. Beginner yoga classes are taught gently, encouraging new students to feel confident and relaxed. The course focuses on the history and philosophy of yoga, breathing, meditation, and alignment. You will be introduced to safe, healthy, holistic yoga principles and techniques during the course. You will explore various yoga postures and learn essential breathing practices and relaxation. This course is fantastic for complete beginner students and regular students who prefer to practice gentle yoga sequences.

100 Hours Teacher Training

Hatha , Multistyle , Kundalini

200 Hours Teacher Training

Hatha , Multistyle , Kundalini

300 Hours Teacher Training

Hatha , Multistyle , Kundalini

Grow Your Vision

You will grow. You will evolve. You will thrive during this time of self discovery in this Yoga Teacher Training at Nath Ashram 

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